The perfect way to end summer: After busy 6 days, Canfield Fair begins cleanup

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CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Even though the Canfield Fair is over, there is still a lot of work to be done. On Tuesday, people were cleaning up and moving on to the next event.

The crowds of people have left the Canfield Fairgrounds, but there was still a lot of activity there Tuesday. Many vendors were closing up shop, taking down rides to get ready for more fairs and festivals and preparing animals for a trip back to their barns.

“Well, they’ll all be happy to be back home and go back out in their pastures and see some green grass instead of being in the barns, but they all love the people, and we were thrilled with how they acted all week. Every horse here behaved beautifully and really enjoyed interacting with the people as much as the people interacted with them,” said Joy Campbell, horse trainer.

Campbell and Emory Stutzman showed many draft horses the past six days. They felt like attendance was very high this year. People were even lined up to get into their barn.

“Very busy. It was wall-to-wall. At one point, there was a line 30 feet out the end of the barn to just walk through to see the horses,” Stutzman said.

“The people loved interacting with the horses and, you know, I think a lot of the people missed the fair last year and were thrilled to be back this year. It seemed like attendance was great, so that’s really exciting,” Campbell said.

The attendance numbers were released Tuesday. The total number for the six-day event was 285,125 people.

“The fair was wonderful, couldn’t have asked for better weather. I mean, we had nice, cool nights. It helped a lot of the families come out. You know, when it’s too hot, those littles, they get grumpy at night. We had great numbers. Everybody was excited to be back after last year and the COVID and everything being shut down,” said Trent Brown, owner of Zoo-2-Go.

Some of the vendors say it was a perfect way to end summer.

Now, the countdown to next year’s 176th Canfield Fair begins.

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