CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Voters in Canfield Tuesday evening were presented with three options on how to improve the aging buildings in their school system.

The crowd numbered 100 people at times. They gathered around easels — three of which explained the options of building and renovating Canfield school buildings.

Of the three options, the least expensive would cost $91 million, with the most expensive costing $108 million. Whichever option the school board decides, passage of a levy will be needed.

“Our committee has been working for eight weeks now. We’re down to three plans. We want to get one final opportunity to get some real good community input from our stakeholders,” said Canfield Superintendent Joe Knoll.

Option A is to build new elementary and middle schools, renovate the high school, and use Hilltop Elementary for administration, for $108 million.

Option B includes building a new Pre-K-8 building on Shields Road near McCune Park and a second middle school gym, as well as renovate the high school, for $107 million.

Option C is to build a new Pre-K-6 building at Hilltop and renovate the high school for grades 7-12 for $91 million.

George Roman graduated from Canfield, as did his children. He now has grandchildren in the Canfield schools.

Roman: “I know things need upgraded and changed, and I think that’s just a challenge that we have to face and we have to make this work.”
Reporter/Anchor Stan Boney: “If they put a levy on the ballot, will you vote for it?”
Roman: “Absolutely, we will vote for it. All the way.”

“They all want to get the right idea, too, so it’ll pass,” said retired educator Jim Guterba.

Boney: “Would you vote for a levy?”
Guterba: “Depending on if everything comes to me and in a reasonable way, I would.”

Canfield Middle School, where the open house was held, is 100 years old — in every plan it would be demolished.

“I have a really sentimental attachments to these buildings, but I think the community should support expansion and new buildings,” said Bruce Neff, Canfield City council member. “I’m going to wipe the tears from my eyes.”

The Canfield school board will meet April 19 to decide with which plan it will move forward. The levy would appear on the November ballot.

If passed, the cost to Canfield property owners would be an additional $242 to $287 a year for 36 years per $100,000 of valuation. The state is expected to contribute 16% of the cost.