YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Hundreds of Valley residents will have food on the table this Thanksgiving, and it’s all thanks to a giveaway Monday.

Monday morning, cars lined up at Glenwood Grounds in Youngstown. They got all the fixings — even a pumpkin pie.

Christian non-profits Back To The Garden Cleaning Company and Hope For Renewal partnered to sponsor the event.

“We feel like people need hope in the love of Jesus,” said Hope for Renewal Pastor Gary Koerth. “So we are here to do that today. Mainly to feed the people — but not just with food — but with the hope, the spirit of what God is and who Jesus is.”

Joyce Alexander, attending the giveaway with Kingdom Reign, spoke about the importance of getting involved.

“It’s all about hope at this time,” Alexander said. “We know families are important, some people don’t even have families, so it’s very important at this time that we just pitch in to help.”