YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Prosecutors said on Tuesday in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court that Robert Shelton took the gun he used to shoot a man outside a club where a double shooting just took place off the body of his friend, then ran to a nearby gas station, took a cigar from there and left.

Shelton’s attorney, Tom Zena, told jurors in opening statements in Shelton’s trial that his client shot Dymond Ortello, 37, in self-defense because he was afraid Ortello would kill him.

Shelton, 46, faces charges of aggravated murder, murder and tampering with evidence in the Feb. 9, 2020, shooting death of Ortello in the parking lot of the Brothers of Power club on Logan Avenue on the North Side.

A jury in the case began hearing testimony on Tuesday after being selected on Monday. Jurors viewed the crime scene on Monday before they were sent home for the day. Judge Maureen Sweeney is hearing the case.

Just minutes before the shooting, Charles Pullen, 37, and Daniel Ortello, also 37, were shot inside the tightly packed club, which set off a panic and caused a scramble for the exits. Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Fening told jurors in his opening statement that Shelton grabbed a gun from Pullen’s body and ran outside, and when he saw Dymond Ortello outside, he shot him several times in the back.

“He wasn’t acting on self-preservation,” Fening said. “He was looking for revenge.”

Daniel Ortello went to St. Elizabeth Health Center by private vehicle but later died there.

Fening said it was very early in the morning when Shelton and Pullen went to the club where they ran into the Ortellos, who had come to the club with several people.

The Ortellos and Pullen argued and pushed each other, then gunfire broke out and, as Fening said, “chaos” gripped the bar.

As people were running outside, Fening said Shelton grabbed the gun from Pullen’s body, ran outside and saw Dymond Ortello. He promptly shot him several times in the back in front of a city police officer who just pulled into the parking lot, then threw the gun under a Jeep.

Shelton then ran to a nearby gas station, where he grabbed a cigar and ran from there. He was arrested two days later.

Zena said Dymond Ortello threatened Shelton inside the club after the fight and that a friend of Shelton’s told him there was a gun on the floor next to Pullen, so he took it to defend himself.

Shelton did not want to go into the parking lot because he was afraid Dymond Ortello would be there, Zena said. However, he eventually made his way to the door and he saw Dymond Ortello right away and fired his gun because he was afraid he would kill him.

“He is scared to death and you will find that to be true,” Zena told jurors. “He has a gun in his hand, solely for the purpose — you will find out — of defending himself.”

Prosecutors called Detective Sgt. Michael Cox of the city police to log into evidence surveillance footage of the parking lot and bar Cox collected that morning. One of the black and white videos shows the crowd in the club at the time was packed together so closely that people’s chests were touching each other.