SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Tenants of a Sharon apartment building are frustrated. They’ve been dealing with a number of issues.

“Oh my God, what am I supposed to do? Because I have no money left, no way out, no place to go,” said tenant Anna Martin.

The latest? Terminated water service that they say is included in their rent. On top of that, city leaders say the building isn’t approved for non-owner occupancy.

We spoke to the tenants of the State Towers Apartments, which are owned by Sharon Towers Trust in Sharon, about what they’ve been going through.

“Half the time I eat so much because I’m stressed out,” said tenant Tim Henry.

Tenants say they received a notice on Wednesday that their water had been shut off. The reason was failure to pay on past due amounts. Tenants say utilities are included in their rent.

“How are you taking our rent money and leaving and abandoning us? You’re abandoning your duties,” said tenant Rio Gilchrist.

The tenants we spoke with say they’re frustrated about the whole ordeal. One woman even says she feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath her.

“Everything went into a downward spiral. I don’t know what to do, which way to turn. I’ve called every place I can think of,” Martin said.

“It’s been a problem that we’ve been aware for some time now,” said city manager Bob Fiscus.

Fiscus says this is just the latest in a number of issues with the apartment management. He says the apartments don’t have a rental license, code enforcement hasn’t been allowed in and the fire department hasn’t been able to inspect the property.

“We’re actively working, hoping through the judicial system to hold the owner and the agent responsible for their lack of care,” Fiscus said.

Property manager Joseph Fusco and Nancy Duker, who lives out of state, have been cited for failing to secure the rental license. Fusco blames the water issue on the city manager himself.

“He had the choice to leave that water on and put a lien on that lady’s building. The owner of that lady’s building put the lien on it and everything would have been fine but no, he shut the water off on those people for no reason,” Fusco said.

Fiscus says it’s not a city utility and that the city is doing what it can to help the tenants.

“They’re the victims in this. Unfortunately, the management of the property has failed them,” Fiscus said.