HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – An arrest has been made in a string of Christmas decoration thefts in Hermitage.

Police say about 10 people reported that vandals stole or broke their decorations. Most of the incidents took place last weekend in the Deer Path neighborhood.

Police have caught two teens who they say are responsible and most of the stolen items have been returned.

Paula Gurneal has lived in the Deer Path neighborhood for 35 years, said her husband made their reindeer figures 30 years ago and they still use them every year. She was out of town last week when a neighbor called to say something strange was happening at her house.

“He told us our reindeer were out near the road. We knew it was windy, but we didn’t think they could make it down to the road because they’re pretty heavy. My husband went to check the next morning and the pegs and everything were down by the road. It looked like somebody was trying to take it,” Gurneal said.

Deputy Chief Adam Piccirillo said these kinds of theft happen every year.

“We just encourage people to report things like this or any suspicious activity,” he said.

The teen suspects are charged with criminal mischief.