Editor’s note: Antwanett Jones’ bond has been corrected to read $2,500. We regret the error.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A city teen accused of having a gun Saturday at the Canfield Fair will be held in detention at least until his next court date.

The teen, 14, was arraigned Tuesday in Mahoning County Juvenile Court on charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, both fourth degree misdemeanors; resisting arrest, a second degree misdemeanor; carrying a concealed weapon, a first degree misdemeanor; and inducing panic, a fifth degree felony.

The teen’s attorney, Brian Tarashawty, entered pleas of denial, or the juvenile equivalent of not guilty, before Magistrate Karen Romano Melone. She denied Tarashawty’s request for bond for his client until his next hearing, which is being held within the next seven to 10 days.

The teen was arrested after a fight broke out late Saturday at the Canfield Fairgrounds and shots were fired. No one was injured.

The complaint for the teen’s case said he had a handgun on him at the fair.

Six other juveniles were also charged in juvenile court for their roles in the fight along with three adults.

The adults, Jalynn Boykin, 19, and Diamone Boykin, 18, both of Cooper Street, and Antwanett Jones, 20, of Conyers, Ga., were all issued citations for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The three women were in Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield on Tuesday. All three pleaded not guilty. Jones’ bond was set at $2,500 because she is from out of state. The other two were issued a personal recognizance bond.

All three women are expected to appear in court again early next month.

A report by the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office said a pair of Canfield Fair police officers were walking and saw four females fighting in front of a ride at Coitsville and Milton drives at the fairgrounds.

The officers tried to stop the fight but the females, including both Boykins and Jones, refused to stop, reports said. A deputy then used pepper spray to stop the fighting but the females refused to allow themselves to be handcuffed, reports said.

Reports said a crowd of 75 to 100 people ran south on Bishop Drive from police. The group kept splitting up and reforming and police tried to stop them from reforming because they did not want them to fight again, reports said.

Officers and deputies were told of another fight and found a group fighting at Coitsville and Bishop drives, reports said. During the melee a deputy got hit by cheese fries, reports said.

As police tried to break up the fight, reports came in of shots fired by Gate C, reports said. Police chased a male who was the teen charged with a weapons offense near a barn and the male stopped when he was warned he would be hit with a stun gun, reports said. Reports said another officer saw him throw something while they were chasing him and police found an unloaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun.

Five of the juveniles were also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while the remaining juvenille was charged with obstructing official business, a second degree misdemeanor. Those juveniles were released to their parents, reports said.

Two cars in the parking lot were hit by bullets, reports said.

Tarashawty had asked for bond for his client, saying he is a student and has never been charged in court before. He said bond is meant to ensure a person appears in court and Tarashawty said his client’s mother will make sure he does not miss any court appearances.

Magistrate Melone said she understands that bond is for appearance in court, but she said she decided he should stay in detention because she is worried about the safety of the community.

“My concern is public safety,” she said.