Teachers seeing double with unusual enrollment at Jackson-Milton

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You’ve heard the phrase seeing double. Well, imagine that almost three times over. Right now, there are five sets of twins in this year’s kindergarten class at Jackson-Milton Elementary School.

All the twins are fraternal, which is rare in itself, however, having that many sets of twins at the same school in the same grade is very unusual. Principal Kimberly Fisk had some planning to do.

“We just kept looking and there was another twin set, another twin set, another twin set, they just kept coming. It was very exciting – being a twin mom as well. We had a lot of conversations of whether you put them in the same classroom or separate them. There were a lot of conversations that had to be had with these twins enrolling,” Fisk said. “I can’t think of five sets of twins in the same building, let alone in the same grade. It was a very unique situation we had this year.

There is one thing in common with all these double siblings that they all agreed upon individually, none of them will be dressing like their twin for Halloween.

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