WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – When a protection order was filed by a county employee against Trumbull County Commissioner Niki Frenchko, many wondered how that was going to play out since they work together every day in the commissioner’s office.

A modification in that protection order was filed Monday and now it will be a little bit easier to get county work done.

Paula Vivoda-Klotz filed the civil stalking protection order against Frenchko claiming that the commissioner caused a hostile work environment by recording employees on her cellphone and allegedly making disparaging remarks. It all came to a head earlier this month during a workplace disagreement, which was recorded on cellphone video.

With the two women having to work together, Judge Patricia A. Cosgrove agreed to a modified order until a hearing can be conducted Feb. 4. A previous hearing was canceled due to a power outage at the Summit County Courthouse.

The modified protection order includes the following:

  • Neither party shall harass the other or cause physical or mental harm.
  • They can’t record each other on their cellphones or post on social media about each other.
  • Frenchko can’t go into Vivoda-Klotz’s office, and she has to text the office staff that she is coming into the common office space so Vivoda-Klotz can shut her door.
  • If they have to communicate outside of email or in writing and have to speak to each other, they have to be civil and respectful.
  • They have to stay 10 feet apart in the office and 50 feet away everwhere else.
  • If they meet in a hallway, they have to turn and go in the opposite direction.
  • Frenchko is permitted to have her gun back.

The modified order is in effect until the Feb. 4 hearing.