WASHINGTON D.C. (WKBN) – Congressman Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, said a hearing is set to look into the EPA’s response to the train derailment in East Palestine.

That hearing is set for March 28, Johnson said.

Johnson serves on the Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials Subcommittee.

The Congressman took to social media Tuesday joined by other GOP members calling on President Biden to visit East Palestine.

“Mr. President, it’s past time you took the short trip to East Palestine, and show up for the 5,000 Americans who call that small Appalachian village home,” Johnson wrote.

He also called on Biden to show the residents of East Palestine what he calls the “same respect” he would show other areas of the country.

“Mr. President, I urge you to show the residents of East Palestine the same respect, the same courtesy, the same love I am sure you would have shown the residents of New York or San Francisco had the derailment and chemical spill happened there,” Johnson said.

Several local, state and federal representatives have visited East Palestine. EPA administrator Micheal Regan made his third trip to the village Tuesday.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited East Palestine last week and admitted that he may have waited too long to do so.

A congressional committee is also investigating the Department of Transportation for its response to the derailment.

As the fallout from the derailment continues to develop, the committee is questioning the decision to release and burn chemicals, including vinyl chloride.

Johnson said he wants Biden to visit to East Palestine to show that the federal government is committed to the area.

“They want comfort. They want to know you care, and they want commitment. They want assurance that the federal government will see this cleanup through long after the cameras go away,” Johnson said.