Suspect turns herself in to police in arson fraud case

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Krene Rodriguez, aka Kyrene Moirai Rinard Floyd, insurance fraud, arson charges

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Another suspect was arraigned in connection to a $1 million arson-for-profit case in Mahoning County.

The crimes alleged include:

  • Burning several buildings owned by group members
  • Defrauding insurers, including Allstate Insurance, Farmers Insurance and Nationwide Insurance
  • Changing one-dollar bills into twenties, fifties and one hundreds
  • Hiding from the Social Security Administration a mineral-rights windfall so that more than $30,000 in benefits could be collected
  • Burglarizing a home intending to destroy evidence about the group’s crimes

Kyrene Rodriquez, aka Kyrene Moirai Rinard Floyd, 36, of Youngstown, is the latest of the 7-member group to be arrested. She was arraigned Tuesday and issued a $20,000 bond.

Others charged in the case are:

  • Heather Marie Kellar, formerly known as James Kellar, 48, of Niles
  • Theodore Edward Dozier Wynn, aka Ted Wynn, 29, of Youngstown
  • Juan Rodriguez, aka Johnny Rodriguez, 32, of Youngstown
  • Christopher J. Gibboney, 29, of Girard
  • Jessica Gonzalez, 51, of Youngstown
  • Tricia Floyd, aka Patricia Floyd, 69, of Youngstown
Insurance Fraud Suspects: Patricia Floyd, Jessica Gonzalez, Juan Rodriguez,Chris Gibboney,Theodore Wynn, Chris Gibboney, Kyrene Floyd
Pictured L to R top: Tricia Floyd, Jessica Gonzalez, Juan Rodriquez, Bottom L to R: Theodore Edward Dozier Wynn, Christopher J. Gibboney, Kyrene Rodriquez (aka Kyrene Moirai Rinard Floyd), Missing: Heather Marie Kellar

Tricia Floyd is accused of being the ringleader. Prosecutors say Floyd, along with her daughter, son-in-law and several others plotted together to set fire to Floyd’s own home, getting more than $260,000 from the insurance company.

Prosecutors also claim a house on Carson-Salt Springs Road, belonging to suspect Heather Keller, was torched not once but twice in 2014, bringing another $282,000 settlement.

Authorities also charged Floyd with defrauding the Social Security Administration for SSI benefits while failing to disclose nearly $300,000 she received as part of an oil and gas drilling contract on her property.

The burglary is alleged to have taken place in Ashtabula County, according to the indictment.

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