WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Executive Director Tim Schaffner said a man broke the glass on the front door and windows around it shortly after the workday started.

Shattered glass at the front entrance of Trumbull County Children Services was a visible reminder of what happened at the building off Reeves Road shortly after opening for the day.

“Our receptionist noticed a man approaching the door with something in his hand. She is sharp as a tack, she quickly remotely locked our front door,” said Schaffner.

Dispatcher: 911 where is your emergency?
Caller: Hi, we need police here immediately at Trumbull County Children Services um there’s a guy with a bat um he’s breaking windows in our lobby

The glass on the doors has already been removed but the windows surrounding it clearly show the points of impact.

Schaffner said Warren Police and Trumbull County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived within minutes.

However, the man, identified as Jeremy Feidler, had already taken off.

But minutes later, someone made a similar 911 call.

Caller: Please come down to Raptis Family Restaurant. We have a threat running through here with a baseball bat
Dispatcher: OK
Caller: Like fast
Dispatcher: We’re looking for him

According to a Howland Police report, the owner of the restaurant told police the man with the bat was Feidler, a former employee.

The owner told officers Feidler smacked the bat on the counter, became agitated, and was speaking incoherently about his child.

Sheriff Paul Monroe said Feidler was taken into custody by deputies at a relative’s home in Kinsman.

As for the vandalism at Children Services, Schaffner said he doesn’t know why the agency was targeted.

“No active open case at this time…We’re puzzled as to the motive for this attack,” said Schaffner.

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