YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – We’ve been following the story of Poland’s Kristin Fox and her new life after a major health setback. On Wednesday, she left one hospital and headed to another for rehabilitation.

An anxious, excited group of family and friends waited outside the emergency room at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown to get a glimpse of Kristin.

“It’s kind of really appropriate that the sun is shining because there was a time when we did not know if the sun was going to shine for us again,” said Nancy Birch, Kristin’s mother.

It has been two months since Kristin’s family has seen her in person.

Kristin was hospitalized in early March with influenza A. She ended up getting double pneumonia, strep and a staph infection along with it.

Next thing she knew, she lost both her arms and legs.

“The fact that she’s here now and she’s talking about her next steps and what she’s going to do is not surprising. We knew that if she got through these initial stages that she’d be fighting and ready for her next challenges. Just within the last three weeks, it’s gone from, ‘Is she OK?’ To, ‘What’s she going to do next?'” said Pat Birch, Kristin’s brother.

Kristin is now at UPMC Medical Center in Pittsburgh to begin her rehabilitation and start her new life, which her husband said she is anxiously awaiting.

“I’ve never seen someone so positive after that. I mean, I don’t know how I would’ve been but from day one she’s tackled it head-on with a positive attitude and anyone who knows her, you know, that’s what they’ve expected from her. It’s just her next journey and that’s how she’s looking at it,” said Mike Fox, Kristin’s husband.

Kristin’s family said she expects to be back at work as a principal in the Campbell school district by September. But before that, she has a date with her two kids, Landon and Laiken: watching a movie and eating some popcorn.

“We love you! Can’t wait to bring you back home,” Landon said.