Superintendent explains COVID-19 safety protocols in Lisbon Schools

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Additions include temperature scans, hand sanitizing, Plexiglas barriers and one-way halls

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – Lisbon Schools are entering Week 3 of classes, and for 77% of students learning in person, there are some new protocols when they enter the building.

When students and faculty enter, they are asked to look into a screen, which takes their temperature. If their temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a green checkmark shows up.

“They have to have their masks on when they enter the building,” Superintendent Joseph Siefke said. “If they don’t have their masks on, the thermo-scan takes their temperature and says, ‘Please, wear a mask.’ If the mask is on and the temperature is correct, it says, ‘Thank you, have a nice day.'”

If a person’s temperature is high, then the individual is sent to the nurse’s office. To help combat that, parents are asked to take their children’s temperatures before they send them to school.

After the temperature is taken, students sanitize their hands and head off to their first class. On their way, they might notice one-way markings on the floor to help direct traffic in the hallways.

Each classroom also gets a bottle of sanitizer, which is picked up by students in the morning.

“We’ve limited transitions, so we’re not transitioning as much as we used to,” Siefke said. “Especially at the junior and senior high school, we are in blocks where they’re in for two periods, instead of one. So instead of transitioning eight times a day, we’re only transitioning four.”

The reason is to keep down traffic in the halls.

“We’ve put up barriers in the cafeterias so that when they’re sitting at the circle table, there are those Plexiglas barriers,” he said. “We have Plexiglas in the offices.”

They’ve also put markers on the floor where students would typically get their food, and they’ve also marked their gym bleachers so that people know where they can and can’t sit during volleyball games.

“I feel like we’ve spent the money appropriately for our PPEs,” Siefke said. “We have plenty of masks if kids forget any, plenty of hand sanitizer.”

To get the schools ready for the year, they worked closely with the Columbiana County Health District and the Columbiana County Educational Service Center.

“We have all met and formed a uniform plan that we all go by, and their leadership has been remarkable,” Siefke said.

He said it has helped them get through protocol, and they don’t feel alone.

“We’re uniformed, and there’s a lot to say when everyone is trying to do the same thing the right way, so their leadership has been crucial,” Siefke said. “They meet with us all the time, and we feel very fortunate to have them.”

While the year is different for everyone, they are doing what they can to make sure the students are safe and can enjoy their time at school.

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