Super Cruise draws car lovers to downtown Salem

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SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – Salem is known for its car cruises and there’s a big one taking place this weekend. From old Mustangs to Corvettes and some Shelby Cobras, these cars are as cool as they come. But to their owners, the Salem Super Cruise means even more.

Concession stands and classic cars are just some of the things you’ll see at the Salem Super Cruise. It’s something the residents look forward to.

“I think these cars are awesome. I think everyone coming together in one spot for this kind of thing is cool,” said Brian May, of Greenford.

Brian wasn’t just looking at cars — he was showing his off.

“It’s an ’06 Mustang GT.”

Then there are people like Rorie and Diana Reiter, of Salem. They said Rorie won his classic car through a raffle drawing.

“They pulled his winning ticket one night and we come home, and on our answering machine we had the lady from United Way say, ‘You’re the lucky winner of the ’57 Chevy worth $25,000.’ And I thought it was one of his buddies’ wives that were doing a joke,'” Diana said.

They said it’s just as much fun to see what other people have to show.

“We just like showing off the cars and seeing other cars, too,” Diana said. “There’s a lot of beautiful cars so it’s kind of nice to see all these nice older cars.”

It’s an event Brian May said is a great deal — it’s free!

“You have all these people here that would not normally be here right now. So you have money going into small business, you have people having something to do for the weekend and, I mean, it’s free.”

The Salem Super Cruise runs through Sunday in the downtown area.

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