Summer marks spike in emergency room visits

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – People are more active in the summer months and with that activity comes a chance for injury.

Emergency room visits always spike during warm weather with injuries ranging from falls and bug bites to accidents with lawn equipment. Doctors also see a lot of injuries from fireworks.

“With a big enough explosion, you can lose an entire hand. It’s not just fingers that you could lose. It’s injuries to the muscles, to the skin, to the tendons, to everything that allows your hand to function,” said Dr. Steven Olsen, emergency room physician.

Some injuries require a lengthy recovery time that includes rehabilitation, a long course of antibiotics, and wound care.

Lawn equipment is one of the top ways people injure themselves in the summer months. Dr. Olsen said taking a minute to think about what you’re doing can prevent a lot of injuries.

“Something’s there, They just want to reach down real quick. No, Be safe. Turn off the engine before ever sticking your hand down by the spinning blades,” Olsen said.

Sun exposure, water accidents and drownings also account for many emergency room visits during summer months.

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