Summer heat and firework safety reminders for Austintown Celebration

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AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Today is the annual Austintown Fireworks Celebration. It’s supposed to be a scorcher out there.

Here’s advice on how to stay cool at the Austintown Plaza this evening, and how to stay safe around fireworks.

If you’ve been out to this plaza, you know there aren’t any trees in this parking lot, so you’ll need to bring your own shade.

The “Party in the Plaza” will be in a parking lot starting at 4 p.m., so remember to bring sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

One concern is asphalt temperatures. For all you pet lovers out there, it might be a good idea to leave Fido at home because these surface temps are going to be high.

If you wouldn’t want to stand barefoot on this parking lot chances are your dog doesn’t want to either.

Sources say asphalt can be anywhere between 30 and 60 degrees hotter than the air.

These kinds of displays are best left up to the experts. That’s what the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner tells us.

“Let the professionals take care of the large displays, and please don’t do anything silly,” said Bruce Trego. “We’re getting more out and about since last year…so this is a prime time to spend with friends and family, just stay safe.

If you do want to light off some celebratory fireworks this holiday, remember to follow safety instructions on the fireworks.

Never hold them in your hand, and try not to set them off in residential neighborhoods when your neighbors have to go to work the next day.

Check your local ordinances to find out where and when you’re allowed to light them off.

Sparklers, a childhood favorite, can be very dangerous.

According to The National Safety Council, sparklers can burn at 2,000 degrees. 25% of hospital visits from fireworks are because of sparklers.

Music starts at 4:30 p.m. and the main act goes on at 7 p.m. Fireworks show begins at 10 p.m.

Country artist Chris Higbee will be playing, which we will carry live from 9 to 10pm on our sister station MyYTV. Anchors Dave Sess and Alexis Walters will be your hosts. Afterwards, we’ll air the fireworks show on both MyYTV, Fox Youngstown and stream it live on

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