Students design and install security feature at Jackson-Milton school

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School security can be a big expense for schools, but students in one Valley district are helping to curb the costs.

If you’ve never been to the middle school and high school building at Jackson Milton, it has 16 different doors to get into the school. Most of them are glass and someone could look right in. The district wanted to put a cover on the doors, but the quoted professional price was $10,000.

A class at the high school that specializes in graphic design and printing decided they could do the whole project themselves.

“We did one in the office just as a test. Our resource officer said it would be great to put on all of the windows. I contacted a couple of companies and said what do you recommend for school security. They recommended the version that we have, which is 80/20 with tighter holes and you can’t see in,” said Stephen Mohr, STEM teacher at Jackson Milton.

Mohr said when the film is backlit, you can see through it slightly but in the daylight – when kids are at school – no one can look in and clearly see what is going on inside the building or where people are. The covering still allows light to come in and the students are still able to see out.

The students not only installed it, but they designed the view-thru and printed it on the machine they have in class. That part of the project is through the school’s Fish Bowl graphics. The printing business specializes in graphic design and printing and is mainly run by students. They make t-shirts, banners – and now, window tint.

“We have no overhead. We don’t pay rent for a building or electricity, and the equipment was bought by the school, so that is a big plus for us,” Mohr said. “The idea is overhead is low and, obviously, we aren’t paying the kids; they are doing it as part of a class.”

The class just started last year and since then, they have had almost 90 customers.

The students plan to put wrap graphics on the Jackson Milton Police Department vehicles within the next few months.

Several students from Fishbowl Graphics attended a conference on Monday to show off their work to other schools. It is called the Ohio School Boards Association Capital conference. The goal is to inspire other schools. 

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