STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) — Reports said a woman who was performing community service for a previous child endangering charge ran from City Hall Thursday after she learned police were going to arrest her on new charges pertaining to the same children.

Priscilla Destouet, 24, was taken into custody just before 9 a.m., shortly after police had to kick in the door of her home in the 2300 block of East Midlothian Boulevard to retrieve her three children following a truancy investigation.

Destouet was booked into the Mahoning County Jail on three first-degree misdemeanor charges of endangering children and is expected to be arraigned Friday in municipal court.

Police reports said officers were called to the home to do a wellness check on the children — ages 7, 6 and 3 — after they did not show up at school.

When officers arrived, they found the front door locked and the back door was barricaded from the inside by a washing machine. Police were able to see the children through a bedroom window. Reports said trash and food were strewn about the room, and there was no mattress.

Because the children could not leave the room, police tried to break down the front door. After several attempts, they were not able to so they used a battering ram to get in, reports said. Reports said the door to the room the children were in was fixed in such a way as to keep the children locked in from the outside.

Reports said immediately a foul stench wafted out of the house, and inside, the floors were covered with trash and dirty diapers, as well as mounds of trash. There were also insects flying around, reports said.

The children told police they were hungry but there was no food in the home for them, reports said. Police dressed the children, called Mahoning County Children Services and took the children to the police station, reports said.

Reports said Destouet was cleaning a restroom in City Hall as part of a community service sentence for her prior arrest in February of 2021 when she ran out of the building. She was found in her car and taken into custody there.

Children Services took custody of the children to place them into foster care, reports said.

Reports said Destouet was arrested on the same charges in February 2021 for the same three children. Children Services took her children then, but the children were returned to Destouet several days later and her charges were downgraded from a first-degree misdemeanor to a minor misdemeanor after she entered into a plea agreement.

In the February 2021 case, police were called to a home she lived in the 200 block of Sexton Street when police found the three children alone in the home, which reports said was in “deplorable condition.’

Inside, food and garbage were strewn about, and there were gnats and flies flying around. Several trash bags were ripped open as well, reports said.

Reports said Destouet told police that she had left to cash a check and a friend was supposed to be watching the children.

A notation in the docket for her previous case noted that although the court changed their policy to allow her to bring her children with her, she was “disrespectful,” although the notation was not more specific. Because of her conduct, which led the court to believe she would not comply with conditions for bond, she was ordered to post 10 percent of the $10,000 bond, the notation said.

She pleaded guilty March 3 and was given probation for a year and 50 hours of community service. She had a hearing Sept. 22 because she was found to be violating her probation, but court records do not give details on the violation.

A later hearing Dec. 22 on the violation was continued in order to allow her more time to complete her community service, court records said.