Struthers restaurant reduces indoor dining hours due to COVID-19

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Selah in Struthers is reducing indoor dining hours until the COVID-19 case numbers come down

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – The COVID-19 case crunch is causing changes with schools, and now a Valley restaurant is affected, too.

Selah in Struthers is reducing indoor dining hours until the COVID-19 case numbers come down. It will switch to take-out dinners on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The restaurant will still be open for in-person dining on Friday and Saturday.

Selah waited even after the governor allowed restaurants to reopen. The owners say they’re being safe and cautious again.

“I feel like it’s what keeps us safe and what keeps our customers safe and how people feel. Other restaurants feel more relaxed about it, and that’s up to them,” said Brian Palumbo.

“We absolutely are spacing out. We need to space out because it has to be following the mandates but also for safety. We don’t want to be the place that you went to where you got sick or felt uncomfortable,” said Jeff Chann.

Selah will continue to monitor the situation and figure out what works for its diners.

Wednesday, the restaurant also made over 60 cakes and 70 pies for Thanksgiving.

The pie flavors included apple, coconut cream, and of course, pumpkin with a crumble on top.

All of the pumpkin pies were baked in a glass dish for people to take with them, so they have an extra special holiday look and be table-ready.

The pies will help provide a perfect finishing touch for the takeout table many eaters will have for Thanksgiving.

“Most everyone knows the taste of pumpkin pie. Even people that I know it’s not their favorite pie, they want to have a spoon or forkful of it during Thanksgiving,” Palumbo said.

“It just kind of reminds you of family times, of those that can’t be with us, and we’re just trying to bring it back. We’ve always done that, so it’s like that old taste of home that your family can have on Thanksgiving,” said Chann.

Selah also bakes pies and bread for Easter and Christmas.

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