Struthers, Ohio (WKBN)- Struthers Police are welcoming a new K9 member to their department, Recon.

Recon, a one-year-old Dutch Sheperd/Belgian Malinois mix, has just graduated Alpha Pack K9 which is located in Springfield and will be partnered with Officer Moore. They will be the third K9 team in Struthers Police history.

This is the first time Struthers has had two active K9 units at the same time, the units are scheduled separately so that they don’t see each other.

Recon and Moore will be a dual-purpose team.

“It’ll help by keeping drugs off the street, being able to track suspects as well as a child who is missing or an elderly person who is missing. Help get our resources out and bring people home safely,” Moore said.

Recently the Struthers Rotary Club held a fundraiser for Recon, raising $4,860 while St. Anthony’s Women’s Auxiliary has donated a little over $1,000. The K9 teams are fully funded by donations.