STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – October marks 40 years since the Beirut barracks bombings. On Saturday, the Tri-State Detachment and Disabled American Veterans held a memorial at the Hopewell Memorial in Struthers in honor of those who were lost.

The explosion from the bombings killed over 240 servicemen and women, including three local marines, who were honored with a wreath ceremony. One of the men honored was Corporal Edward Johnston of Struthers.

At the memorial, Johnston’s brother Charles spoke about the lasting impact his death has left on his family.

“Big things are missed — the Christmas dinners, the recitals, the football games, the birthdays. But it’s the day-to-day that’s missed, you know, the conversations that you would just have. For instance, like I would have with my big brother, those types of things that are missed every day,” Charles said.

Charles says his goal is for their memories to never be forgotten.

Hanna Erdmann and Kyle Wills contributed to this report.