Struthers animal rescue finds abandoned cat inside bleach-scented storage box

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Naamah the cat was immediately cleaned up and taken to the vet

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – An animal rescue in Struthers is looking for answers after a cat was found outside their facility.

“We would like to know where she came from and find out exactly what happened,” said Maria Guyan, director of New Lease on Life Rescue.

Naamah the cat has been through a lot this week, but other than being a little scared, she seems to be OK.

This is good news considering how she was found Monday morning.

Guyan spotted a taped up plastic storage container outside the shelter’s door — Naamah was sitting inside in about half an inch of water.

“The water, once we actually got her out of it, seemed to have some sort of bleach smell. We’re not sure if that was from something that was already in the tote or something that was added to the tote or what exactly happened,” Guyan said.

Guyan doesn’t know how long the cat was out there or when she was dropped off since their cameras weren’t working.

“We are having that corrected right now. So, hopefully, this does not happen again because it’s never safe for the animal,” she said.

Naamah was cleaned up and taken to the vet. She’s currently on preventative antibiotics and is running a slight fever, but other than that seems to be in good health.

Now, the shelter wants to know how she ended up the way she did outside their door.

“We at this point don’t know if she was dropped off by the owner or if she was dropped off by someone who had found her as a stray. She may have someone out there looking for her,” Guyan said.

If you have any information about the cat, you can give the shelter a call at 330-397-8270 or send them a message on Facebook. You can remain anonymous.

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