String of vehicle break-ins brings concerns for Youngstown businesses

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A recent string of vehicle break-ins in Youngstown has brought concerns for several business owners in the area.

Surveillance footage showed two men walking on the Jordan Auto Sale and Don’s Automotive properties Friday morning, stealing car parts. 

“They picked the right ones, the expensive ones. They knew what they were getting. They were definitely educated in what to get,” the owner of Jordan Auto Sales said.

According to the footage, the two men pulled up in a black SUV. They spent three minutes using a jack and an electric saw to cut parts away from the car, costing both businesses thousands of dollars. 

“They steal a $20 part that they’re going to get 20 to 50 bucks for it, but it’s going to cost us thousands of dollars to fix it,” said Don Phillips, owner of Don’s Automotive. 

Phillips said the two will most likely sell the parts for scrap.

“I had to tell the customers this morning. It’s unbelievable.”

Jordan Auto Sales was also robbed three weeks ago when several men broke in and stole three vehicles.

This was just hours before two people held cashiers at gunpoint at the Family Dollar across the street.

Neither of the owners recognized the people in the footage, but they hope someone else will.

According to Don Phillips, the city would not allow him to build a fence around his business.

Jordan Auto Sales said they are offering a cash reward for anyone that comes forward with information about the break-ins. 

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