BAZETTA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) — The Storybook Trail was opened Friday at Mosquito Lake State Park in Bazetta Township.

It is a short trail that children can walk, and about every hundred feet there are pages of story to read. By the time they finish the trail, they will have read the full story.

Park officials plan to change the story every year. There is also the Dolly Parton Free Library System for children to get interested in reading.

“So we have a box in front of the trailhead and there are free library books in there and kids can take them, borrow them, keep them, and if they have books at home they are not using they can exchange them and put them in that box for other kids to use,” said Mosquito Lake Park Manager, Josie McKenna.

The Storybook Trail is near Imagination Station and is open during regular park hours.