(WKBN) — High winds and thunderstorms around the Valley ripped out trees, signs and power lines Saturday, and for some, it damaged their homes and property.

Footage in the video shows wind ripping a roof off an apartment building and sending it into two backyards next door.

Michelle Impens lives two doors down from a seemingly-empty apartment building on North Heights Avenue. But that didn’t stop the metal roof from hitting the side of her house — and landing in her backyard.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced,” Impens said. “It knocked stuff out of the cabinets and knocked the cabinet half off. Broke the window. My son, thank God — he was in the kitchen but not near it.”

Crews were on scene assessing the damage to her home. She told First News the experience was terrifying but she’s grateful she and her son are okay.

She’s from California and says she’s used to severe weather — but not like this.

“I know earthquakes. I was in the 94 earthquake, but this is a new one for me,” Impens said.

Across the Valley trees landed on cars, like on Nottingham in Austintown, and sent transformers falling, like on Williamsfield Kinsman Road in Kinsman. And just down the street at Market Square — high winds sent a building crumbling.

“Just before 3:00 there we heard a boom,” said Don Sutton, Market Square Owner. “I went around the side of the building and there was brick off the side of the building.”

No one was hurt and the owner says the building isn’t structurally damaged. Kinsman’s fire chief Cory Vankanegan warns you to stay aware of your surroundings in severe weather.

“Be aware of their surroundings while driving. Trees come down really fast and we’d hate to see someone hit one and injure themselves,” Vankanegan said.