GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) — Mercer County saw its fair share of damage from Saturday’s storm — a senior living center’s historic building is no exception.

Thousands of residents are still without power three days later. Trees rest on power lines, some of them uprooted.

The most historical building at St. Paul’s Senior Living Community in Greenville — the old orphanage — suffered extensive damage.

“They taught school in there. Sometimes, kids stayed in there, upstairs in the dorms,” said Chris Wright, president and CEO of St. Paul’s.

Built in 1909, the orphanage later became a facility for seniors in 1927. That building is now used as an administrative building.

No one was hurt when the wall collapsed.

“Near as we can figure, it sustained some significant wind damage, which ultimately resulted in part of the wall collapsing and coming down on a walkway,” Wright said.

On Monday afternoon, one of the residents surveyed the damage to the trees, reminiscing how they look in spring.

“They’re beautiful, and this is a half-circle drive,” St. Paul’s resident Nancy Stevenson said.

Stevenson has lived in the St. Paul’s community for a decade and is sad to see the wreckage at her home.

“I was feeling bad for the tree that fell. I was thinking, ‘How the mighty have fallen.’ Then I took some other pictures of the mighty trees,” Stevenson said.

Wright says St. Paul’s is prepping for bad weather in the forecast later this week.