STONEBORO, Pa. (WKBN) – The Great Stoneboro Fair is happening in Mercer County.

While smaller than Canfield’s, fair board president Shirley McIntyre said this event in Stoneboro is unique. They aren’t looking at the other as competition.

“I eat, sleep and drink the fair. I was so excited Tuesday night for the fairly opening on Wednesday. I had two hours of sleep. I kept thinking about what could, should, and so I laid there with my phone and I kept making notes so I wouldn’t forget on Wednesday. I love it here,” McIntyre said.

A rodeo is happening Friday night. Saturday and Sunday there’s the popular demolition derby.

One thing you won’t find at the Stoneboro Fair is chickens. Due to the Avian Flu, Pennsylvania banned all birds at any state fairs.

You can go to the Stoneboro fair through Labor Day.

Click here for the schedule of events.