SEBRING, Ohio (WKBN) — A car found in a front yard led police to a string of car thefts at local stores.

A car stolen from a local Circle K was found in the front yard of a home on E. Ohio Avenue. The car’s driver-side running board had been ripped off and the crash caused significant damage to the stairs and landscaping of the home.

Police located the owner of the car who stated he had left his car unlocked and running when he went into Circle K to get a cup of coffee, according to reports.

After speaking to the owner, police determined that the suspect was a woman seen earlier in the store, wearing a white hat that was found in the abandoned car.

While the incident was being processed, a report of another stolen vehicle came in from a Quik Mart. A woman matching the same description as in the previous theft had stolen another car that was left unlocked and running.

A short time later, Canton police reported that Stacey Glover had been taken into custody as a result of a hit-and-run crash.

In speaking with police, Glover admitted to taking the cars and crashing into the home.

The report states Glover claimed she stole the vehicles in an effort to get away from her boyfriend, and that she had hurt him, at one point saying she killed and burned him. She admitted to stealing a total of three cars, according to the report.

Glover faces two charges of theft and one charge of receiving stolen property.