GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — Our region remains under a heat advisory, meaning the hot temperatures and what it feels like could put people at risk of heat illnesses. Still, some people found ways to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool.

Hazy, hot and humid. Scorcher may be a better way to describe Wednesday’s heat.

“It’s terrible,” said Fred Hosking of Girard.

Firefighters faced it head-on in their heavy protective gear to put out a house fire in Mesopotamia. They were rotated often to stay safe.

“We try to maintain crews in and out 10-15 minutes. We monitor them, get them out, get some cold water and call for additional resources if we don’t have enough to rotate,” said Farmington Fire Chief Jon Bland.

Still, people found ways to safely enjoy the steamy conditions like splashing around in a backyard pool.

Hosking, Mark Massuri, and Siggy Kerekes moved their daily walk to Girard-Liberty Memorial Park.

“We just come down here to cool off. It’s nice and shady down here and we like coming down here. It feels a lot better than walking out in the open where we walk on the sidewalks,” said Massuri.

But as the temperatures rise, doctors warn people to be aware of heat-related illness.

“The best way to prevent heat exhaustion is going to be knowing your limits, knowing the signs and symptoms or what to watch out for so things like muscle cramps, dizziness, increased thirst,” said family physician Dr. Szymon Krzyzanowski.

With temperatures and the heat index like it is Wednesday, doctors say it’s important to stay hydrated, and if you’re drinking because you’re thirsty it’s likely that you’re already a little bit dehydrated.

“It’s bad but I can survive it. You know, I drink plenty of fluids and you have to stay hydrated,” said Massuri.