CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – We are six days away from the start of the Canfield Fair. As preparation is underway, the state is checking out some of the fair rides, which have to go through a lengthy inspection.

Workers like David Miran from the Ohio Department of Agriculture are in town making sure the fair rides are safe.

“A variety of issues. We’re talking about metal rides in most cases and so obviously, with metal comes fatigue. There can be cracks, there can be some pitting issues, some corrosion,” Miran said.

While each ride is different, the inspection is the same. They first look at the ride when it isn’t moving, looking to make sure the ride was set up correctly, along with any other safety issues since it was last looked over.

“Physically climbing the ride, making sure that it is properly set up. That’s where the fatigue and corrosion review comes into place as well,” Miran said.

Next, they check out how the ride operates. Basically, seeing if the ride works properly.

“Checking to see things like if emergency stops are in working order and there’s no other electrical issues,” Miran said.

Both inspections happen at the same time. Some issues can be solved right then, others may need some time for the operator to fix.

“Or they could shut down the ride until the ride has come up to compliance and then it would be re-looked over by our inspectors,” Miran said.

The inspection is the same for fair rides and amusement park rides.

Leading up to the start of the fair, multiple inspectors from the state will have to look over about 50 different rides.

“The Canfield Fair is a different animal altogether to be frankly honest. It’s one of the largest county fairs in the state of Ohio,” Miran said.

If a ride is in violation of the inspection, it will become a civil penalty. Punishment depends on how severe it is or its history of violations.