State of Mahoning County is solvent but stagnant

Local News

Mahoning County Auditor Ralph Meacham says despite a weak local economy, local government is doing what it can to control costs and provide service.

Meacham presented his annual State of the County report. He told commissioners that while revenue from property and sales taxes is up from 2017, he’s concerned about the area’s population, which continues to decline.

Other big blows are the jobs lost after the closing of Northside Hospital and downsizing at General Motors.

“We need ways to keep people here. Young people employed here. Until that turns, I’m not being mean or pessimistic, but I don’t see that coming in the near horizon. Government is going to have to act accordingly,” Meacham said.

Meacham says that means operating the county as efficiently as possible and keeping costs under control, which means doing more with less.

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