YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The office of the Ohio auditor late last week released its annual audit of Mahoning County’s government, and for the most part, it was clean. There was one issue in the treasurer’s office.

The audit by the auditor’s office showed there were “material weaknesses in internal control reported at the financial statement level.” The audit indicated that the problems were in the treasurer’s office of Dan Yemma, who in letters to the auditor’s office objected to any findings being issued at all.

The auditor’s report of Mahoning County’s finances is 260 pages, but 10 pages near the front describe what the report called “noncompliance and material weakness.” Yemma’s office is required to file daily and monthly reconciliation statements to the county auditor. The daily statements were made, but the auditor’s report stated the monthly report was “not always completed accurately, leading to delays.”

A chart shows how month-end reports for the last seven months of 2021 were, in some cases, not completed for five months. The December report was delayed two months.

The auditor’s report stated that “the lack of accurate monthly reconciliations increases the risk of theft/fraud…and could lead to inaccurate reporting in the annual financial statements.”

But nothing illegal was in the report and Mahoning County’s annual financial statement did balance.

Yemma wrote three letters to the state auditor defending his position, stating that allegations that forms were not completed timely were not accurate. Yemma stated the employee responsible for completing the reconciliation forms abruptly retired in July 2021, at a time when second half tax collections started, leaving Yemma to complete the forms himself.

Yemma also stated there was never an instance when the forms were not worked on in a conscientious and diligent manner. He said all reconciliations were complete by February 2022 and, given the challenges faced, was a “remarkable performance.”

The Mahoning County Treasurer’s Office was not cited or penalized in any way. The audit was to make the treasurer aware that reconciliation reports need to be made in a timely manner.

Yemma says someone has been hired to prepare the reports and he expects no further problems with this matter in the future.