(WKBN) – Well, the weather outside might be frightful but it’s a good time to be thinking about springtime, especially if you’re looking to travel for spring break. We spoke to a travel consultant and a doctor about how to plan while we are still in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We actually have resorts, we have flights that are completely sold out, which I don’t think in 23 years in business I’ve ever seen that,” said travel agent Kathy Pahanish.

Now don’t worry, you can still take your trip. The reason the travel industry is so busy is because people have had trips planned for a while. Many have refunds to spend or they scheduled trips a while ago thinking restrictions would be looser by 2022.

“The spring break travel is still there, it’s still going, and you just need to know the rules and regulations,” Pahanish said.

That’s why Pahanish has noticed a lot more people using travel consultants because it’s their job to know what people need to do in order to travel safely.

“We do know the rules, we know the regulations, we know the forms to fill out. We know whether you need to have a COVID test before you arrive,” Pahanish said.

But what should you do to keep yourself safe from COVID-19? It’s a great question that we asked a local doctor about.

“Wear masks all the time, frequent hand washing, frequently use hand sanitizers. If you can avoid crowds, stay 5 to 6 feet apart,” said Dr. Munir Shah with the Trumbull Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Shah also said getting the vaccine is a huge help and that people shouldn’t be afraid of traveling.

“As long as we take all of the basic precautions, as long as we are very watchful of where we go, what crowd we are mixing into, and mentoring some safe distance and putting on the mask all the time, you do have some protection from it,” Dr. Shah said.

So when it comes to traveling, plan early, stay safe and most importantly, have fun.