SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – At Springfield High School, it’s “Take Your Tractor To School Day” on Friday.

This has been a tradition for decades, it’s a fun way for students to celebrate hard-working farmers in the community.

They proudly drive the tractors down side streets, onto State Route 170 and then to school.

A Senior explains that this can sometimes cause a problem.

“The first two years I brought my great grandpa’s little tractor, the last two years we stepped it up and brought the big ones from grandpa. Kind of a hard day for grandpa for us to pull the tractors out of the field but, he said you guys can do it because he knows we like it,” says Gavin Wonner, a senior.

Hard because Gavin has TWIN brothers who also EACH brought a tractor to school today.

Each year…Tractor Day also comes with a special t-shirt.

This year it read…”Only at Springfield.”