Spot a bad pothole? Here’s how you can get it repaired

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Individuals that have damage from a pothole can file a claim with the Ohio Court of Claims

(WKBN) – Ohio drivers know that when springtime comes, so do the potholes. One Mahoning County resident learned the hard way what a pothole can do to a car.

“It’s just a big rut,” Wayne Jones said. “It destroyed two rims and both tires.”

The damage happened under the Wilson Avenue Bridge on Interstate 680, just before the South Avenue Exit. It was around 4 a.m. Monday morning while his wife was on her way to work.

Jones said the steering wheel jerked and the car went sideways. He said it will cost between $1,200 to $1,500 to repair the damage. Jones added that this isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

“That particular hole could be deadly to a motorcycle and it’s costly to anybody that hits it just right in a car,” Jones said.

First News called a representative from the Ohio Department of Transportation about the issue Tuesday morning, and it was fixed hours later. According to a representative from ODOT, drivers are a huge help in identifying potholes that need taken care of.

“Call us, that’s the best thing to do,” Justin Chesnic said. “If you see a pothole on one of those routes I mentioned, give us a call. We’re very quick, we’ll get out there, and we’ll fill it within a day’s time, for sure.”

Chesnic said ODOT handles state routes, U.S. routes and interstate routes. However, state routes within a city or village are not the responsibility of ODOT.

ODOT can be reached in Mahoning County at 330-533-4351, in Trumbull County at 330-637-1921, and at 330-424-7253 in Columbiana. Individuals should contact their local municipality for roads not in ODOT’s jurisdiction.

Chesnic said they have a $2 million spot paving project coming up later this summer from I-80 to South Avenue, and it should be done by October. The plan is to do another one in 2022 or 2023.

“Then, in 2025, we’re going to have a big $60 million to $70 million complete paving reconstruction that will be done in that area as well. All the way from Interstate 80 all the way to South Avenue,” Chesnic said.

Chesnic said anyone that has damage from a pothole can visit the Ohio Court of Claims to possibly get some help.

“If you see a pothole, don’t try and swerve and miss it or do anything that could cause a crash or hurt someone. Try to slow down, if you can. Be aware of your surroundings, and if you can maneuver around it, do so safely. If you can’t, just try to slow down so you’re not hitting it at a fast rate of speed,” Chesnic said.

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