Spinal device treating chronic pain without opioids

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Doctors at Mercy Health have found a new treatment, which helps people living with chronic pain without using any drugs at all.

An industrial accident followed by surgeries added up to nine years of mind-numbing pain for Timothy Hopkins.

“It works on you psychologically. You’re depressed, you have a short fuse,” he said.

The surgeries and treatments brought on high-powered pain pills. Both Hopkins and his doctors wanted to find a way forward without medication.

“A lot of patients that take opioids, they become dependent and tolerant to it. A small percentage of these patients become addicted to it,” Dr. Maged Fouad said.

Enter the HF-10. This device was implanted next to Hopkins’ spine in December. Wires run into his spinal cord and shut down pain.

“It has completely changed my life. My life has done a complete 180,” Hopkins said.

Fouad said the device is built off of an older concept, with a twist.

“This technology is new, high frequency. With this technology, you deliver up to 10,000 Hertz to the spinal cord, which relieves the pain,” Fouad said.

Hopkins is thankful to Mercy Health and Dr. Fouad. He’s able to move on with his life without all of the pain.

“My main goal now is to return to the workforce. I’ve been out for almost nine years and I can get back to doing things that I should be doing at 47 years old,” he said.

This device isn’t for everyone but for people who can get it, it’s making an enormous impact on their lives.

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