YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Landon Lockhart was only 14 years old when he was killed. But, his family and friends are making sure his memory lives on.

“Very good, hard-working young man,” said Michael North with the Northeast Homeowners and Concerned Citizens Association.

Landon worked for the association for two seasons cutting grass, planting flowers and beautifying parts of the East Side. His family says he loved it.

So in his honor, members of the association got together with his family to clean up Stewart Street and McGuffey Road on the East Side. Then, they planted a tree in his honor.

“You know, he was part of our family, and we just had to show some kind of gratitude for him and his family. To honor him for what he was doing for us, for what he was doing for the neighborhood,” North said.

A Chinese Dogwood tree was planted at the corner of McGuffey and Albert, at a location Landon worked at before. 

“People are actually recognizing him for the good that he did, the greatness that he brought, the laughter, the joy that he brought to different people. So, it meant a lot for me because, you know, they acknowledged him,” said Landon’s sister, Jovonna Solomon.

His mother LaJena Solomon says it will always be a special place and they plan to add a bench, a bird feeder and more.

“I’m also looking forward to putting a box here, to where we can stock with food every week for people to come and get,” she said.

LaJena said they all love and miss Landon very much, but this spot will be a place they can come to remember him.