NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) – Preparing for prom. For many students, it’s a high school milestone. One local organization is helping them get all of the items for the big dance while teaching them an important lesson.

Prom season has officially begun and the “Fairy Godmother” team at Diva Donations in North Lima is excited.

“We provide the dress, the shoes and the jewelry and anything else they might need,” said Kristin Bodendorfer, founder of Diva Donations.

Diva Donations’ mission is to relieve the financial stress on families when a dance or special event occurs. Teens are able to borrow prom dresses with a deposit or volunteer hours.

“When they bring everything back, they can either get $20 back or $15 back or if they bring us a letter from an organization, it has to be a 501C3 charity, they will get all their money back,” Bodendorfer said.

She says the kind deed currency encourages people to pay it forward.

“We’re encouraging them to go out and see how they can help their community,” Bodendorfer said.

Diva Donations has helped many students go to various dances as well as show them how important it is to give back to the community.

“We’ve probably assisted over 3,000 girls at this time in three states and 12 counties,” Bodendorfer said.

Those with the organization are hoping to help as many people as they can this season, however, they are running into an issue.

“We are in need of volunteers, we are in so much need for volunteers,” Bodendorfer said.

She says it’s truly magical to volunteer at Diva Donations and see how the perfect dress can make a person feel.

“They look in this big, gold mirror and they see themselves differently, and they’re so happy,” Bodendorfer said.

Diva Donations will have their first appointments this weekend for the 2022 prom season. For more information on how to get involved or how to sign up for an appointment, just visit their website.