Southington community celebrates new public water service

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The Blueprint Waterline Project is finally complete

SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – A dedication ceremony was held Friday for a new public water service in Southington.

The Blueprint Waterline Project started in 2015. Four years and $15 million later, Southington finally has clean public water.

“We’ve been waiting for this for so many years. I know Sam Plott has been working on this for years and years and we’re excited to have it,” said Kathy Stargell, of Southington.

Stargell has lived in the area for a while. She said over time, she got used to having well water.

“I had to get a filter on it. I was trying to wait for the water to come through but I couldn’t take it any longer, so I put a filter on it. Had my well cleaned out again because the particles were causing problems,” Stargell said.

But Stargell won’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

The Blueprint Waterline Project’s infrastructure includes new hydrants, waterlines, a water tank and much more to keep a safe and reliable water source.

Plus, there is also another benefit for residents.

“We have a 0% interest loan for the next 30 years and the customers that we have will make those payments. So there is nothing upfront for these citizens,” said Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda.

Fuda said the only thing neighbors have to worry about is the tie-in into their homes.

Trumbull County Commissioners said this has been a long time coming. But with patience and cooperation, they got the job done.

“What we were able to accomplish in providing clean drinking water to the western part of the county, for the portion of the county that really needed it. It’s not only a benefit for health and wellness, but also an economic development benefit later down the road,” said Trumbull County Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa.

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