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Boardman's fiscal officer said the report on the township's website is misleading and will be replaced

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Boardman’s fiscal officer said the amount of money the township will spend this year is just over $20 million — not the $28 million that’s shown in a budget report on the Boardman Township website.

The report in question is titled, “Boardman Township Appropriations and Adjustments 2019: Administration Appropriations.”

“That report shouldn’t even be out there,” Fiscal Officer William Leicht said. “It’s a balancing report that we use internally to cover all of our funds and it is misleading.”

He said that one will be taken down and another report, “Boardman Township, Mahoning County Appropriation Status by Fund as of 3/29/2019,” will be put up in its place.

Leicht and his assistant, George Platton, explained the amount of money Boardman has to spend after confusion at a candidates forum Monday night sponsored by the Boardman Civic Associaton.

Incumbent Boardman Trustee Larry Moliterno said the township was working with “a little less than $20 million.”

One of his opponents, Tracie Balentine, later suggested Moliterno misspoke.

“Our appropriations for this year are closer to $28 million instead of $20 [million],” she said.

Leicht and Platton used the “appropriations status” report to show that the final appropriation for 2019 was $20,295,426.50.

As far as the $28 million number, Leicht explained, “It’s the amount of all expenditures that are out of the general fund and all the supplemental funds. That’s the appropriation.”

Platton said the difference in the two numbers is money they’re “going to give the other funds from the general fund.”

“That’s why it’s $28 million. That’s just the accounting. That’s all it is.”

Leicht understands the confusion.

“I have to apologize for throwing that thing out there,” he said.

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