Some things you may not know about kindergarten registration

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Kindergarten registrations are happening across the Valley

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Kindergarten registrations are happening across the Valley.

Thousands of parents are signing their kids up, but there could be some things you may not know.

According to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Ohio does require all children to attend kindergarten. A student can skip kindergarten and be entered into the first grade on approval by the local school district.

A child must be at least 5 years old to enter kindergarten or 6 years old to enter first grade.

Compulsory school age, or the minimum age in which a child must be enrolled in and attend school, is age 6. A family can choose to wait until a child turns 6 before enrolling the child in kindergarten.

Districts choose one of two deadlines for age requirements: Aug. 1 or Sept. 30 as the date by which a child must be 5 years old.

Kindergarten in the state of Ohio does not have to be a full day. The minimum requirement is 2.5 hours. Some school districts do offer all-day kindergarten, but if a family requests only half-day kindergarten for a child, the district must accommodate the family’s request.

Also, a district can charge for all-day kindergarten but not for half-day. If the district does charge for all-day kindergarten, it must have a sliding scale for tuition costs based on family income.

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ODE offers some guidelines to help parents and caregivers determine if their child is ready for kindergarten:

To get your child for kindergarten ODE recommends the following:

  • Uses self-control – keeps hands to themselves, shares, takes turns, plays well with others, uses supplies appropriately
  • Cooperates with adults and authority figures
  • Follows directions
  • Demonstrates self-help skills – usues bathroom independently, put on and zip coat, ties shoes
  • Expresses self-awareness – knows first and last name, writes first name, name letters in first name, know name of primary caregiver

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