Some local recycling centers close until crews catch up with post-holiday overflow

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Mahoning County Green Team Director Lou Vega says it's a recurring problem

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A lot of boxes and a big mess — that’s what recycling centers are dealing with the day after Christmas.

The Green Team is dealing with an overflow at recycling centers across Mahoning County and someone has to clean it all up.

“If this was a windy day, this [trash] would be everywhere,” said Mahoning County Green Team Director Lou Vega.

With full recycle bins, the piles of cardboard boxes and other things on the ground just keep getting bigger.

“We’re doing everything we can to stay ahead of it, but when they come to these sites, by adding material onto the ground, it’s not helping anything,” Vega said.

Vega said it’s a recurring problem after the holiday.

“It’s always been an issue, but it’s been getting worse. What I’m noticing is that, especially with a lot of internet purchases, these vendors are sending out boxes inside of boxes,” he said.

The piles are so big at some recycling sites that officials have temporarily closed them until the bins can be emptied and the mess cleaned up.

“It’s ridiculous, the amount of trash that’s left here,” said Deputy Joe Sandine, Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office.

Enlisting help from the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office and the Day Reporting program, the Green Team loaded what was dumped into emptied bins, only to fill them up with what was in those piles.

“We are encountering a mess at all the sites the Green Team is responsible for. It’s like this every Christmas,” Sandine said.

Vega said if history repeats itself, this won’t be the worst of it — that usually comes in the Monday after the holiday.

“If you come out to one of the drop-off sites and it is filled, take it back home with you and try to come back another day,” Vega said.

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