Soldier for GM Lordstown standing fast in spite of closure

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Werner Lange has been behind GM Lordstown and workers there from the beginning.

He never worked a day in his life at the plant, but he’s doing everything he can to keep it open. This, despite the fact that the last Chevy Cruze rolls off the assembly line Wednesday and the plant will completely idle on Friday.

“The life of our community is at stake,” Lange said.

The Drive It Home campaign has been doing a lot to raise awareness and garner community support, but Lange said he wanted to do more. He said a part of the message needed to have a stronger tone and he was willing to be that voice.

Lange’s been standing outside the GM plant as workers get off in a show of support. He’s been protesting there since the beginning of this year, Monday through Friday, in the snow, rain and cold.

“If it sinks, we all sink. This is the last nail in the economic coffin of the Mahoning Valley. We are fighting for our lives here,” Lange said.

Lange hopes his message is getting through to the community and that his protests send a message. He uses a famous quote that has been said by presidents and other dignitaries.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing,” he said.

Lange’s message has never changed. He thinks GM is foolish to close the Lordstown plant and hopes they have a change of heart soon.

Until then, Lange stands on the side of Bailey Road right by the entrance to the Ohio Turnpike. He invites anyone to stand with him in support of GM Lordstown and its workers.

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