(WKBN) – We’ve received reports of minor accidents and poor road conditions across the area as snow builds on the roadways.

The Alberta Clipper snow system is moving through the Valley after last weekend’s winter storm dropped around a foot of snow on the area.

Ray Marsch, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said they have about 40 crews on the roadways.

“Winter’s upon us obviously, it feels like we’re not getting away from this snow here,” Marsch said.

The City of Youngstown posted on its Facebook page this morning that 10 crews were out salting expressways, as well as the main roads and bridges.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation temporarily reduced speeds on portions of Interstates 80 and 79. PennDOT had about 34 operators out, accounting for all the trucks in Mercer County.

“As of early this afternoon on I-80 in Mercer County, we’re seeing road conditions that would have the right lane being wheel tracked and the left lane being snow covered,” said Saxon Daugherty with PennDOT.

Commercial vehicles were required to stay in the right lane and the speed was brought down to 45 miles per hour.

“That restriction is from the Mercer County line and that extends eastward all the way toward the Dubois area and then I-79 is the same restriction with 45 mph road and right-lane commercial vehicles from Erie all the way to Allegheny and Butler counties,” Daugherty said.

While our team saw some crews out clearing the roads, they’ve been unable to keep up with the snowfall in spots.

Drivers are urged to use caution if they’re heading out.

“As you’re on the roads today, if you see our crews please give them plenty of room to work, if makes their job a whole heck of a lot easier when there’s not motorists trying to pass them, getting really close,” Daugherty said.

Motorists can check conditions for both Ohio and Pennsylvania on ODOT and PennDOT websites.

As of 8 p.m. Sunday, the City of Youngstown said 90% of its roads were passable. The street departments had 13 trucks out and it was hoping to clear the rest of the side streets on its midnight shift.