Snowfall creates chore for some, money maker for others

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The snowfall is good news for those who make a living from it

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – People were out all over the Valley Monday cleaning up the Winter Wonderland that was created from all the snow that fell across the area.

“When it gets deep, it gets to be a pain,” said Jack Miller of Campbell. “That’s what happens when you live on a hill, gotta keep it clean.”

Miller upgraded from a shovel to a plow about a year ago.

“I was looking for a truck, and it just happened to have a plow on it, so I just bought it. I’m not as young as I used to be,” Miller said.

The snowfall is good news for those who make a living from it. Matthew Woods owns Team Woods.

“Blowing snow is seasonal, so when the snow falls, I get calls from my clients. I like to work with older clients, families, things like that,” Woods said. “You have older people and younger kids. Sometimes, older people might be off-balance, kids might be running and not paying attention, so you want to keep the walkway clear.”

Across the Valley, people say they’re glad the snow isn’t too deep. Three to four inches of snow on the ground in Northeast Ohio is what they expect.

“Just a normal day. At least it is not cold, not cold, clod,” Miller said.

As snow continues to fall Monday night, 27 First News will continue to monitor conditions. You can get the latest information on the WKBN mobile app and the Storm Team 27 app. Both can be found in the App Store and in Google Play.

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