Snow plowers working with up and down season, hoping for more work

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A lot of construction companies plow snow in the winter

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – So far in 2021, snow plowing has been slow. We haven’t accumulated much snow, and for people who rely on that winter weather, it has been adding insult to injury.

A lot of construction companies plow snow in the winter, and because of COVID-19, many construction projects were put on hold because of a lack of materials.

A local snow plow company says that December was snowy enough that it is making up for January.

Winter is far from over, so they’re hoping for more snow to come. In recent years, relying on steady snow plowing for work hasn’t been an option.

“It is one of those things. It’s a hit and miss type of ordeal where some years are great and some years aren’t. With the commercial stuff, you can get away with some work to survive through the winter, I guess, because of the salting and calcium,” said C.J. Jones, owner of First Alert Construction.

Jones added that commercial work is more stable than residential because when we get rain snow mix events, they still have to salt parking lots for customers.

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