SMITH TWP., Ohio (WKBN) — Vacant houses are a problem for every community. Smith Township is working on a process to get rid of those eye sores.

There are only about 1,500 homes in Smith Township but only about 35 to 40 homes are causing the community some trouble.

Monday night, Smith Township trustees met to finalize a list of homes they want the Mahoning County Land Bank to clear.

Some houses have been vacant for a number of years like a trailer on Lake Park Boulevard.

“We get complaints from neighbors because they are full of rats, wildlife. We get squatters that come in, drug dealers,” said trustee Scott Showalter.

The trustees composed a list of about 35 to 40 homes they want the land bank to take over but another house was brought to their attention recently, a home on Thelma Avenue. It’s not on the list as of now but one resident thinks it should be.

“You can hardly see the house anymore over the shrubbery and trees, the grass. There’s actually a swimming pool in the yard that you don’t know is there but I do,” said resident Jade George.

High grass is common in a lot of these homes. Other houses are falling apart, like one where a wall is leaning.

“You get kids that might stray into these properties and wells that might be caving in, septic systems. Very dangerous for kids that might be playing around in the area as well,” said Showalter.

Trustees tried to locate owners and send letters to them but at this point, they’d rather go to the land bank.

They’ve cut the list to just seven to start, because of funding.

“We have about six or seven that we consider to be the worst shape properties and basically the ones we get a lot of complaints from residents,” said Showalter.

“It’s about time. Somehow, some way, the funding, the amount of taxes that all of us pay in the township, in the county, this should have been taken care of a long time ago,” said George.

The trustees have until the end of the month to send their list to the land bank.