Rep. Ginter pushes amendment to help Columbiana County amid funding loss due to speed cameras

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The amendment would help the county get back lost Local Government Funding

Traffic cameras used in three Columbiana County communities have resulted in LGF deductions for the county and all communities.

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COLUMBIANA COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – An amendment pushed by Tim Ginter (R-Salem) is being presented to the House on Wednesday in an effort to correct issues with state funding in relation to speed cameras.

House Bill 163 cut Local Government Funding to Columbiana County. The idea was to cut the funding to areas within the county that used speed cameras to give out tickets.

However, Ginter says there was an error in the language and the whole county suffered because of it.

What happened was the areas using the cameras made more money off speed camera tickets than they were to receive in LGF money so the rest of the county had to make up the difference, which caused a severe cut in the budget.

“While I did support the transportation budget that brought an additional $2 million to our county, I was unaware of the consequences from this additional amendment that was thrown into this massive piece of legislation,” said Ginter. “Once I was made aware of the impact of this error, I immediately moved to begin drafting measures to correct this issue.”

In August, Representative Bill Seitz (R – 30th District) told WKBN that an amendment was in the works to change the verbiage to the House bill.

According to Ginter’s office, the amendment would prevent non-offending jurisdictions from losing funding, a monthly payment to reimburse non-offending jurisdictions in 2021, require the reimbursement be transferred from the Ohio Highway and Transportation Safety Fund to the Local Government Fund and hold other subdivisions in the county harmless in the event that the ticket revenue exceeds LGF funding.

As of right now, only Liverpool Township will use the cameras next year. East Liverpool City voted them out after this year, and Wellsville quit using them last November.

The amendment hasn’t been passed yet, but is expected to be House floor during Wednesday’s session.

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