AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Austintown police are looking into a gaming glitch at Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Racecourse that ended in a theft of over $15,000.

According to a police report, two suspects took advantage of a “myWallet” glitch in some VLT machines with one of them getting $15,428 from the machines.

The glitch was discovered by one suspect who was at the racino on Nov. 28 when he exploited the system 19 times for a total of $3,538. Another person joined that suspect and got $200 from the glitch, the report stated.

Both then came back to the racino on Nov. 29, and one of the suspects exploited the machines 31 times for a total of $12,090, according to a police report.

The racino management discovered the glitch and technicians repaired it. Then on Nov. 30, one of the suspects came back and tried again to get money from the machines.

A representative from the racino contacted the suspect and told them if they paid the money back, the racino wouldn’t pursue charges but the suspect hung up on the representative.

Racino management turned over all surveillance video, reports and driver’s license information on the suspects to police.

The incident is under investigation by detectives.